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Billion Hunter: Clash War game


Lead your heroes to glory while taping and fighting your way through an endless horde of monsters!FEATURES:★ Adventure through more than 1000 missions,★ Hire and customize different heroes in 16 jobs types,★ Collect billions of treasures and upgrade your adventure party,★ Unlock and level up powerful skills,★ Hundreds of different monsters and rare bosses to beat,★ Dozens of scenes to explore,★ Build up your very own kingdom from the wealth you acquired during your adventures,★ Compete with players from all around the world.
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WHAT TO PLAY★ Build up your clans of heroes with upgrades★ Build up treasures in your Castle in different Kingdom and Dungeon★ Collect Gems and build up treasures with casual idle gameplay★ Fight for your Kingdom and Clash the Summoners' monsters in the War★ Tap and kill all titans that challenge you time by time★ Win coins to be the billionaire in the kingdom!★ Great game to play with your best friends★ Be aware of some devils or titans that may clash you back!
SPECIALS IN GAME★ Magic tower to summon power and enhance your ability for heroes★ Blacksmith to power up your gears to clash fiends, titans and monsters★ Develop your battle props - bombs, energy ball, cocktail, and more!★ Hotdog & Cookie to eat to boost up your team - Best for Idle game player★ Farm up the castle & city - receive bonus for free!★ Dungeon's Empire, Summoners' Empire, Knight's Castle and Faith Land - Pick your favourite!★ Discount for special items and weapons for game lovers!★ Free Rewarded movie to collect gems and gifts - Road to Billionaire!★ Boom Boom Boom! Click and Tap to Clash items, chests, crates, barrels and everything!
WHY YOU SHOULD NOT MISS THIS★ The first Clicker Idle incremental game with the Best 3D Animation★ Various castle, farm, city, clans, empires, kingdom, dungeon to build and unlock★ Playable during offline - enjoy everywhere★ Easy to earn money to be Billionaire★ Fight against EVERYTHING you see in this Age of War★ Brainless to play - Don't need to think and see complicated stories★ A game with Upgrade + Farm + Idle + Clicker + Action + Strategy + Building
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